Aluminum car wheel prototype samples

Project name:car wheel prototype

Size: 600*600*250 

Material: Aluminum


Surface treatment:polish-highly polished-anodized-painting-Laser carving

Machined way:CNC machining-lathe


The so-called CNC is bright with the machine tool, polishing is usually hand-throwed.

The machine tool car has high efficiency, but it can only be used in one plane. The side and the slope are not available. For example, the following figure.

The side of the spokes of the hub is not available in the car.

Polishing can be thrown to the side and bevel. As shown

Look at this window where the spokes are polished on the sides. The lathe is not in this position. Since it is hand-thrown, of course, the polishing cost is higher.

Aluminum car wheel prototype samples

The second question, which is better to fix. In general, the polishing wheel is not covered with varnish, and all minor scratches can be thrown a little more. The car is usually covered with varnish, so I thought that the car was repaired and finally covered with varnish. The varnish is transparent.

Of course this must be a very slight scratch.

Aluminum car wheel prototype samples