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3d Printed Custom Eyelash Curler For Women With Curled And Upturned Eyelashes

Apr. 17, 2019

Here is 3D Printing Mold Manufacturer talking about 3D printed custom eyelash curler for women with curled and upturned eyelashes. If you have any idea about it, welcome to contact us and discuss.

3d Printing Mold Manufacturer

Men generally don't know much about it. In fact, the glamorous and curling eyelashes on the ladies' eyes are very time-consuming. Among them, a good eyelash curler is a key. However, it is not so easy to find a good and suitable eyelash curler from the market. However, a startup in California, called Voir Creations, has developed a 3D printed eyelash curler with a customized service that perfectly matches every eye-catching eye.

This unique 3D print eyelash curler was designed by molecular biologist Audrey Baktilova. He has worked in the stem cell biology, drug discovery, genetic testing and other departments of pharmaceutical companies. When she rolls the eyelashes, the eyelash curler always touches her eye. Since then, she has begun to find a solution, and determined the 3D printing solution, and learned the skills related to 3D modeling design and printing, and finally developed this product.

3d Printing Mold

This 3D printed eyelash curler not only can be customized for the user's eyelash condition and face shape but also uses ergonomics in the shape. The baffleless design is applied to ensure that the eyelids are not caught when used. In addition, the common eyelash curler will bend the eyelashes into an L shape, and because of the use of a flexible silicone pad, it can bend your eyelashes into a more natural C shape without damaging, achieving a more fascinating effect.

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