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Ai-driven Production Design Will Be More Popular

Mar. 08, 2019

Here is 3d Printing Mold Manufacturer talking about AI-driven production design will be more popular. 

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3d Printing Mold Manufacturer

In 2019, design will no longer be limited to human experience. Through the elaboration of design goals and material parameters, AI will drive the exploration of almost unlimited design alignments, which will be smarter, faster and more complex, while saving money, increasing efficiency and enhancing scalability. At the same time, the involvement of 3D printing allows the design to no longer focus on complexity. Domestic research on generative design will also begin.

Enterprises have more confidence in technology, applications will be more practical, and the market will further precipitate.

3d Printing Mold

After 2018 precipitation, domestic traditional manufacturing industry has begun to pay attention to or has actively used 3D printing, and the traditional non-automotive manufacturing industry has experienced the competitive advantage brought by 3D printing. However, due to the lack of core competitiveness of domestic enterprises, they Applications for 3D printing tend to be confidential. In 2019, in addition to the well-known fields such as dentistry, shoes, jewelry, etc., products from other industries, ranging from a structural part to a fixture and a common gripper, more companies will actively seek 3D. Print solution. Therefore, when companies are hesitant to contact this technology, please consider whether the competitor is already in use.

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