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2019 Metal Exhibition

Jan. 14, 2019

As China Aluminum Die Casting Mould Manufacturer, here are some 2019 exhibition information, I hope to help you.

1. Poland's Poznan International Surface Treatment Technology Exhibition ITM Poland Surfex--2019-06-04 ~ 2019-06-07

2. Metallurgy Russia Moscow Metallurgy Exhibition---2019-05-14 ~ 2019-05-17

3. Bangkok International Industrial Machine Tool Exhibition, INTERMACH--2019-05-08 ~ 2019-05-11

4. Malaysia Machine Tool Show METALTECH--2019-05-15 ~ 2019-05-18

5. Moscow Machine Tools Exhibition, Russia, METALLOOBRABOTKA--2019-05-27 ~ 2019-05-31

6. India Mumbai Welding and Metal Processing Technology Exhibition INDIA ESSEN WELDING & CUTTING--2020-11-23 ~ 2020-11-25

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