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Why Does Aluminum Die Casting Be Mildew And Yellow After Processing For Several Days?

Jul. 10, 2019

Aluminum Die Casting is a kind of pressure-casting part. It is a pressure-casting mechanical die-casting machine with a casting mold. The aluminum or aluminum alloy heated to liquid is poured into the inlet of the die-casting machine. The shape and size of aluminum or aluminum alloy parts, such parts are often referred to as aluminum die casting.

There are some problems in the aluminum die casting process.

Aluminum Die Casting Service

Aluminum Die Casting Service

Why does aluminum die casting be mildew and yellow after processing for several days?

1. After a few days of processing, the aluminum alloy should be cleaned. Mildew (blackening) and yellowing should be the result of oxidation of the cutting liquid. The problem is not big.

2. If a similar phenomenon occurs, there may be two reasons:

A. The result of oxidation of the chip liquid

B. The product is caused by water remaining after cooling.

3. Moldy phenomenon: it mainly does not do moisture treatment, yellowing phenomenon: cutting fluid oxidation and die casting agent concentration.

4. It is a problem of the slag removing agent in the treatment of the aluminum alloy solution, and the slag removing agent lacks the content of the fluorine salt, and the formulation of the slag removing agent is checked. A more common treatment method, adding 0.2---0.5 sodium fluoroaluminate during the slag removal process of the aluminum alloy solution can prevent discoloration and mildew after casting.

5. Damp is the main reason!

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