Silicone rubber with vacuum casting

Mold silicone, specially used for large-scale reproduction of resin, ceramic, plastic, gypsum, cement, candle, soap and other crafts, with high number of times of mold overturn, long service life of the mold, resistance to burning and high temperature, strong resistance to tearing.


First, crafts mold silicone use crafts mold silicone, specializing in resin, ceramics, plastics, plaster, cement, candles, soap, lighting and other handicrafts mass reproduction, addition molding and condensation type are suitable for handicraft mold, is an RTV Curing silicone rubber at room temperature. Second, resin crafts mold silicone advantage 

1, excellent complex mold, mold effect 

2, high mold times, mold life 

3, burn resistance and high temperature, especially for unsaturated resin crafts, Boli resin crafts have resistance to burning The advantage of high temperature resistance 

4, low shrinkage rate, the silicone mold is not deformed;

5, high strength tear resistance, not easy to tear during the demoulding process

Silicone rubber with vacuum casting

Silicone rubber with vacuum casting